Most courses were attended during periods where I was employed by a corporate, as they thankfully can afford to invest a week without loosing 25% of a month's salary (and that is without paying for the course, the flights there, vehicle hire and hotel stay). The training was mostly product specific, and essential in getting “up to speed” before being let loose on customers or automation equipment that you had never seen before. I visited a lot of countries that would not be squeezed into a short holiday or tight budget when developing products—thanks particularly to Allen-Bradley (later acquired by Rockwell Automation), Volkswagen, NCR Corporation, and Siemens (who waived course fees for their certification courses for the Siemens Laboratory at NMMU). Thanks to Citect/ Schneider-Electric for keeping me on for months without projects during the financial downturn and still investing in training.

The courses are listed in descending date order.