Schneider-Electric Projects

In November, 2008, I was appointed by Citect, an Australian SCADA software vendor as a Professional Services Engineer. The product that I was trained on was Ampla, the MES that interfaced to their SCADA package. The Adelaide office looked after the large BHP/Billiton installation at Olympic Dam (Roxby Downs). Shortly after joining Citect, the global financial crunch would result in the Olympic Dam expansion project being delayed by two or more years.

The Citect office was relocated to the Schneider offices in June 2009. During this period, their focus would change from a SCADA system that supported a variety of PLCs to target Schneider-Electric PLCs. It appeared that Schneider-Electric followed a similar marketing strategy to Rockwell Automation, in that they would try to get the product specified and support a network of system integrators.

Ampla Projects

Citect Projects

Courses Attended

Thanks to Citect/ Schneider-Electric for keeping me on for months without projects during the financial downturn and still investing in training.

The courses are listed in descending date order.