We have scaled down our layout requirements — due to market changes, customers and our lack of interest in tackling BGA packages. We were making interface boards for testing out concepts only. They will not become volume products, at least not by us.

We purchased Pulsonix for schematic capture and PCB layout towards the end of 2012, as Altium annual maintenance was almost the full Pulsonix price. For a while we maintained both programs — Altium for the PDF output, however, Pulsonix also has PDF output and can read in Altium files.

We have been busy with mechanical work for most of 2014. We will make some small eletronics products that are not critical to some industrial process, as consequential damages cannot be excluded by Australian Consumer Law.

Documentation is excellent. This is a package you can learn from the manuals, it is not necessary to go on any courses. Other CAD companies feel inclined to hide the documentation so that their distributers can jump on the certification bandwagon and offer courses at the same price as the package.