8-bit designs

A collection of StdBus cards

A collection of Z80 CPU cards, STD Bus peripheral cards designed in 1981 and 1982.

Atmel AVR — 1999 ⇔ 2003

Atmel introduced their AVR as an 8-bit RISC with a low-cost evaluation board. There are four entries including the index/ overview:

Intel 8031 — 1994 ⇔ 1998

The Intel 8031 and 8051 had been around for a long time before we decided to test the waters. These were mainly for student projects and an attempt at CAN automation. There are five entries including the index/ overview:

Zilog Z80 — 1981 ⇔ 1984

The Z80 was introduced in July, 1976, followed by the Intel 8085 in 1977. We had read the datasheets at university and had the databooks, so with the Z80 being a lot better (plenty of additional instructions), we took the plunge and started several Z80 based designs. We registered for a master’s degree during this time. The technology tread wheel turned so fast that the Z80 was obsolete before writing up, however, the Z80 still has excellent support almost thirty years later. It certainly outlived its bigger sibblings — the Z8001, Z8002 and Z80000. There are a few projects listed here, with many more that will probably never be posted (time, sorry).