Atmel SAM7 project

This project was done during October, 2008 for a company in Adelaide, Australia. The documentation was not part of the original project, and has been written up in generic terms. The documentation was supplied with the final software.

We bought a SAM7 board before leaving South Africa from a friend who started The open-source PLC and Segger (Atmel specific) JTAG were used with some free downloaded toolchains, however, when we upgraded our hardware, we used Linux, not Windows, so the debugger did not work. The download and collecting a toolchain is a few days work, so we took a 30 day evaluation of the IAR tools and quickly developed the software. The documentation was written up in LaTeX and doxygen. For more information on the documentation and links, see Doxygen and encoder page.

The encoder, debouncing and several other parts of the documentation were taken from our prior work in motion control and industrial automation. We will document these in time, but their priority is low at the moment. You could always push them a bit higher up the queue. If you have an interesting motion control application, please contract us via the email address at the bottom of the page.