ARM Projects

Luminary Micro
	LM3S811 board

Luminary Micro’s LM3S811 board with on-board JTAG that can act as a probe for other Luminary Micro boards.

The rapid move of several ARM devices through the 1GHz barrier has enabled truly amazing products. We think ARM or a licencee will develop a 64-bit device after having shipped over 10 billion 32-bit devices by 20081 and now shipping over a billion per quarter. There are a total of 743 ARM licenses according to the February, 2011, ARM financial reports for 2010 results. Whether products using these devices can be developed in expensive locations is another question. The Freescale and Texas Instruments offerings are awesome.

We worked on several ARM projects, mostly trying to find a low-cost device for industrial interfacing and the “pick-by-light” logistics project. Embedded Linux was not supported as well as other architectures, mainly due to the lack of a MMU, but that soon changed with the smart phone market. Our interest is not embedded Linux as we have no intention of trying to enter the “internet appliance market” or smart phone development, however, the vibrant ecosystem with low-cost JTAG ports simplifies real-time and deeply embedded or “bare metal” work. The new devices have as much memory on-chip as my 68000 designs had on a board many years ago. The array of peripherals are just as impressive. We will maintain a code base on some low-cost boards with their evaluation versions of compilers. Will we develop hardware? Probably not, however, the software will be available at low-cost or perhaps open sourced. The projects listed here include

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