Luminary Micro Projects

Luminary Micro
	LM3S811 board

Luminary Micro’s LM3S811 board with on-board JTAG that can act as a probe for other Luminary Micro boards.

Luminary Micro introduced the LM3S101 with an advertisement of US$1 for a 32-bit micro. The 28-pin device would possibly be suitable for a low-cost “Pick-by-light” board. Something that was also pretty difficult to nail down. The evaluation boards were cheap with an on-board JTAG debugger and an evaluation version of the IAR tools. We ported our twenty year old 68000 tick-based real-time kernel with minor modifications for the ARM tick interrupt. The LCD was updated on a tick rather than the usual while (1) polling in small demo programs. We changed the way of defining the multiple levels of writes to straight C pointer code so that we could see what was happening with the debugger.

Final Pick-by-light installation

The trial installation of the “pick-by-light” displays in a warehouse. The various prototype stages are documented on this site, however, the final installation was engineered and installed by Duncan Drennan of Engineer Simplicity. It was a huge relief having someone as capable as Duncan to hand the project over to when leaving South Africa, as it had been ongoing for many years, (as and when time or money allowed). The South Africa government’s interference in the pharmaceutical industry did not help either. Thanks for the photo Duncan!

Demo warehouse rack by Warwick Smith

Although not a Luminary Micro device, a photo of Warwick’s demo rack for testing the warehouse application was squeezed in here. For more details click here.

Luminary Micro was acquired by Texas Instruments in May, 2009, and continue to provide cost effective products. Two other Luminary Micro products are documented on this site—the LM3S811 for serial communications and a spare JTAG probe, plus the LM3S6965 Ethernet device with a built-in PHY.