ColdFire Demo Board

We can’t recall when the ColdFire demo board was purchased, but it was probably in 2005 or 2006.

For a few years the ColdFire was offered below 100 MHz while MIPS, PowerPC and others raced ahead. Freescale made several announcements with 166 MHz or better frequencies, plus free tools (MetroWerks) for selected devices in an effort to revive the architecture. The demonstration boards included the P&E debugger with a USB interface. We were at the Johannesburg agents (Avnet) picking up some Xilinx boards, when we saw the incredible special on the ColdFire. This would be useful to load up a FPGA. We tested a few peripherals but were snowed down in other projects. One of the B.Tech students was looking for a project, so we decided to put it to good use. It was an excellent offering and together with the student, we got most of the board running in a day and an evening. In his final presentation he certainly did the donation justice. His brief was to do the same for someone else one day—make hardware available to a keen student and see what happens.

That was our last ColdFire work. We feel that the ARM roadmap is so compelling compared to ColdFire that it was not really worth continuing. It is nice to see that Freescale is supporting the Kinetis range of ARM-based devices with similar boards and support as their ColdFire devices. Their prices are excellent and the Tower became a distraction in 2011. It is the equivalent of seven bottles of red wine in Australia (wine that does not hurt your liver), so watch this space....

ColdFire demo board