Lattice Semiconductor JTAG Probes

ECP3 Versa kit

Lattice Semiconductor ECP3 Versa board JTAG probe


Left: FTDI based JTAG probe on the Lattice Semiconductor VersaBoard to program the ECP3 FPGA.

The LatticeECP3 Versa Development kit included an on-board JTAG probe based on the FTDI USB controller. We were unable to configure the probe with our Windows 7 PC setup, as the driver was assigned a serial port and the Lattice Diamond software was unable to communicate with the probe. We hunted around various sites (including Lattice forums) for a solution. Perhaps a different stand-alone probe would need to be ordered, which was more than the the Versa board, so that was the end of our little adventure, as discussed here.

The Versa board included an option for an external programmer. We are unsure why the external programming cable and IP offers had to be ordered via a distributer, when everything else was ordered online.

MachX02 Pico kit

FTDI probe for MachX02 CPLD


Left: FTDI based JTAG probe on the Lattice Semiconductor Pico kit to program the MachX02 CPLD.

The MachX02 Pico kit was described in more detail here.

A comment regarding the JTAG probe is the price. This was included on a board costing $29 on a promotion! The programming interface took up a fair amount of real estate (also an EE2PROM to configure the FTDI chip).

Would it be possible to bundle the probe separately and make it available at a reasonable price?