Analog Devices DSP Projects


The SHARC work was done in 2000 and 2001 as a subcontractor for a communications subsystem. The network was a token ring using ARCnet and some USART devices. The communicattions was byte based, but the SHARC only accessed 32-bit words. The address decoding was on integer boundaries, but packing the stream involved plenty of shifting, masking and OR’ing.


The software was written in C. Debugging was via four bits that the processor could write to quickly, and these lines were connected to a logic analyzer. During a software upgrade to VisualDSP++, we could not compile previous projects and libraries were full of bugs. We lost well over a month trying to pioneer. That was honestly the worst software release I have ever worked on. Analog Devices had done much the same on a previous upgrade according to some of the permanent staff, but they still insisted using the processors for communications.