Texas Instruments 6211 DSP Evaluation


The Texas Instruments TMS320C6211 integer VLIW DSP was introduced as a lower cost option to the 6201. The evaluation board came with an evaluation copy of Code Composer, so we bought one to check out small sections of code. Our next job would also be on imaging, and this would allow short sections of code to be benchmarked without the expense of the PCI board for the 6201.

We basically ported our previous work for the 6201 to the 6211. Some other contractors were using Motorola 56xx DSPs for some sports radar work, but unfortunately the 6211 board was not that easy to interface external devices for comparisons. It was aimed at audio processing. After some experimentation, the other contractor bought the 6211 board from us. (Our work was mainly MIPS at the time).