Texas Instruments 6701 DSP Project


The Texas Instruments TMS320C6201 was a fixed-point and integer VLIW DSP, whereas the TMS320C6701 was the floating point equivalent.

The evaluation included detailed compiler output examination, modifying the assembly to run more instructions in parallel, as well as debug at the assembler level. The 62xx and 6701 could execute eight instructions simultaneously, and if the data could fit into on-chip memory, then the throughput was indeed impressive.


Many imaging algorithms for the desktop assume floating point, so it would be useful to port those algorithms directly to a floating-point DSP. Some tests were done at the compiler level, but we did not do any detailed measurements to compare floating point in hardware versus software. The previous 6201 project was part of an 800 hour contract, so with merger/ acquisition discussions going on beyond our control, we decided not to to plough through the hours in case an imager contract was signed. After this project, we moved to the SHARC and some TMS320C30 work as filler projects. The work was done in 2001.