IDT574 FPGA Project

The work was done in May and June, 2001. The Altera FPGA was chosen by the client as there were free tools for the EP1K family. The devices were fairly small, and before contracting for the client, they claimed that money was no object. The Xilinx tools were not that much anyway for similar sized devices, and a month later we would have to change to Xilinx as the largest EP1K device was too small for the next ambitious design.

Altera EP1K100 FPGA on a IDT574 board

Altera EP1K100 FPGA on an IDT574 processor board

See IDT 574 Jun 01 for additional information on the Altera FPGA/ IDT574 paper design.

Altera EP1K100 placement

The image shows the netlist connections for an IDT574 CPU and an Altera EP1K100 FPGA.

Altera EP1K100 placement on a IDT574 CPU board