Hardware Projects

Calculator about 60 years old


Once the pinnacle of technology—not so long ago!

The CSIR Mark 1 ran its first test program in November, 1947 as covered in our May 2012 News

Super Computer with Mouse

These hardware projects show how we spent our idle time over the past thirty years. We use the Apple desktop and Linux for tools to make embedded development easier; visualization, tracing, profiling and others that will be hinted at with the documentation to be posted eventually. Our cross compilers run under Mac OSX, Windows and Linux. Our FPGA software is a little dated, with tools from Altera, Altium, Lattice Semiconductor and Xilinx.

The rough timeline of our travels through the lands of silicon vendors and customers was not as smooth as the diagrams below suggests. Some of the trolls along the way were;


Our quest has long been for networked hardware with a decent HMI. The hardware development investment is too high for small teams on minimal budgets, compared to the silicon life cycles. We may adopt a tablet for HMI output; that field is certainly heating up.

In the meantime, we need a place to post our historical past, so here it is. For the impatient, the hardware past was one of prototypes—very expensive territory not for the timid; a landscape littered with obsolete hardware every two years. At least software lasts longer.

From 2010, we evaluated several ARM boards and have not updated the hardware timeline. The boards were generally covered in the News sections. The new hardware designs will find their way into this website, with links from here once the products start shipping.

Hardware Timeline before 2000

Hardware Timeline Years from 2000