Flow Chart Program

Flow chart program output


Flow chart example

The flow chart diagram program was written to document the programs for my thesis — timing diagram plotter, schematic capture program and this flow chart program. The programs for the Z80 cards would also need to be documented, and in the Jurassic period of computers, flow charts were claimed to help find your way in the jungle. In reality, they were like cave drawings, but we had to go with the flow.

In 1980, programs were documented with rather crude flow charts. Any scanned publication from that period would have been generated by an art department or drawing department with stencils for the shapes and characters. Obviously any editing would require a complete redraw, so we wrote a program on what is now ancient hardware, but it was a pleasure to program and made a big difference to the final documentation.

Output was on a pen plotter. The hardware was a Tektronix graphics computer running Basic with two 360 kByte floppy drives.

Fast Forward 30 years

If you wanted us to produce program documentation, we would have a first pass of your code through Doxygen with Dot and Graphviz, then create some diagrams with Inkscape or LaTeX. If your workflow is based on Adobe tools, the equivalent would be InDesign and Illustrator.