Z80 Projects

The first designs were Z80 printed circuit boards made with tape on mylar sheets, photographically reduced and sent off for manufacture. Hopefully, the boards would be through-hole plated, otherwise you had to solder both sides of expensive sockets to connect the top and bottom layers. While in the South African Navy (national service for two years from 1980 and 1981), they bought a plotting program that could draft printed circuit boards on a pen plotter. That quickly generated several wire wrap boards for prototyping.

During the second year in the Navy, I registered for a part-time Master’s degree at the University of Cape Town. There were evening classes with invited overseas lectures (luckily getting people to Cape Town was not difficult). The Masters was initially split as 20 credits for courses and 20 credits for a thesis. I did two courses for 10 credits but switched to a full thesis for 40 credits. The thesis was a lot of hardware, which was Z80 based, and some CAD programs.

There were several Z80 projects, which will be posted shortly.