Z8000 Projects

Static Testers

Static testers were basically switches that could be toggled to stimulate a new board to find decoding errors or faulty data paths. They were slightly more sophisticated with some logic to make sure that illegal conditions could not be selected.

Z8002 Communications Board

Serial communications were used in the 1980s to connect to peripherals, time-sharing terminals, and even between computers. We wanted to solve this headache with local intelligence, so we wire wrapped a Z8002 based design.

Circuit Cellar Z8001 with C compiler

The Trump Card was launched in the May and June, 1984 by the Circuit Cellar in Byte Magazine, complete with a C compiler. Although we had a Zilog System 8000 with compilers, it was a rather expensive machine compared to a PC. This would be a nice upgrade to our prior Z80 work.

Z8002 SABUS Card for Basic Electronics

We designed and laid out a simple Z8002 board for Basic Electronics in Durban. They had several of their own boards and only wanted a processor with decoding for SABUS and a single-step circuit.

Z8001 Wire Wrap Card

This was pieced together almost thirty years later. Although the Trump Card with a Z8001 was partially laid out and wire wrapped with an edge connector for a PC I/O slot, the boards here were on Eurocard boards with a bit more than the Trump Card. There are several photographs of this board.

Zilog S8000 Development System

We bought one of the first Unix systems in South Africa at the beginning of 1983.

Radio Paging Terminal Server

The Z8000 work was done between 1981 and 1983.