Z8000 Trump Card

Z8000 family chips

  Z8000 family chips for various projects

We had purchased the System 8000 system some time before the Trump Card was announced in 19841, by the Circuit Cellar in Byte Magazine, complete with a C compiler. A friend had gone to the trouble of laying out a board and had also purchased the tools. We were busy with several projects at the time — part time masters degree, radio paging system, static testers, speed wire, and a wire wrap Z8001 board shown in Wire Wrap Z8001.

We received a blank board, and could quickly put it together as we had all the parts. The board worked very well. Unfortunately, we don’t have any photographs of the board, as that work was done at low priority without any customers. See 1 for a reference of the board.


1 Steve Ciarcia, Trump Card, Part 1: Hardware, Byte Magazine, May, 1984, pp 40—55.
Steve Ciarcia, Trump Card, Part 2: Software, Byte Magazine, June, 1984, pp 115—122.