What’s in a name?

Second Valley is a one and a half hour drive south of Adelaide, along the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. Colonel William Light and his boat people were looking for a site for the city of Adelaide in 1836. The first landing was Rapid Bay, the second a small cove just along the coastline. Probably after a glass of port and lengthy debate, it was called Second Valley.

Second Valley Jetty photo

Second Valley jetty south of Adelaide

Second Valley from the air

Second Valley from the air

Second Valley from the hills

Almost one hundred and seventy four years later, on a drive south over the hills towards Second Valley, one of the best sites for a software development company was discovered. Without a view of a six lane highway or the constant noise of heavy traffic—a place where you could write a book, paint, relax or even create innovative software. Apparently, Colonel Light did paint1, but without access to a decent computer, probably did not write much software.

Selecting a location

We were more fortunate than Colonel William Light’s boat people in that we were Jumbo Jet people. Selecting a site with similar weather would involve flying east from Cape Town at 33° 55’ S (or the less famous Port Elizabeth at 33° 57’ S) to Adelaide at 34° 55’ S.

Are we in Second Valley yet? No, but we moved a bit closer to McLaren Vale in June 2011, after carefully calculating thousands of geological intersections, checked the alignment of the planets, sieved through Google Earth, walked plenty, harnessed the power of two supercomputers and dragon surveyors to select a place to live close enough to an airport, within cycling distance of Second Valley (for lazy cyclists), and a short drive to the beach.

An important factor was no parking meters within at least a kilometer of our premises. We hate driving around in circles looking for parking and then paying the equivalent of a bottle of red wine for a few hours—we thought you might also dislike paying for parking.

Second Valley maps and supercomputer

1 See Second Valley—A tale of two hamlets: In the Fleurieu Peninsula region of South Australia