December News

Santa brought some presents to close off 2011. We also upgraded our CAD software, so we will be adding some circuit diagrams of prior projects as PDF documents. 2012 will see some new products.

Luminary Micro

Santa and TI send Xmas pressie

Santa and Texas Instruments send presents to the people who were good in 2011.

CAD Updates

We upgraded our Altium license and will be designing some of our own products in 2012. These will be industrial interfaces and digital power supplies using DSPs. There are various possible spin-offs into either motor control or sustainable energy storage. Still early stages of product definitions and funding.

We evaluated several products, but as we had a pertetual license, it made sense to upgrade and take advantage of the year end special.

Structured Publishing

We experimented with Scribus for documentation with its TeX import option. Initial work looked promising, but we still need to write a lot of software before we can post decent length PDF documents.

The mini table of contents, localised bibliographies (per chapter), acronyms, decent indexing and bibliographies need a lot of work.

Texas Instruments

Luminary Kits

Several Luminary Micro kits ordered from Texas Instruments.

Selections for 2012

We will be using Texas Instruments and Freescale devices in several products in 2012. We tested the Luminary Micro example projects using Texas Instruments' Code Composer Studio, but will be sticking with the Rowley Associates CrossWorks tool chain.