March News

Australian based company lands massive foreign exchange order!

100 billion dollar note

2nd March, 2011: Rotors Pressed Wire News Agency, Inc.—
A multi-billion dollar order has been received for a three page website from a foreign customer.

“We were under extreme deadline pressure, as the upfront payment had an expiry date”, said Ian Clark; chief software architect and renowned embedded developer.

For the ever hopeful tax officer who thought we’d dwarf Billiton’s 2011 profits—we’re also truly sorry.

We only delivered two and a half pages of the website, as we were hoping to complete the work at Victoria Falls. Imagine revisiting one of the true world wonders on a company paid trip. We last visited in the mid 1990s, with an exchange rate of Zim$42 to US$1. A decent beer was under Zim$10. Before the above note was issued, two lots of thousands were removed from the exchange rate—an additional devaluation of 1 million. So much for a land grab! Beware of the mineral tax and carbon tax! Other similar political policies between these two countries—We’ll meet you for the mental health billion dollars and raise you another 500 million. Remember the last election promises and auctions? Mostly broken with less criticism than the West gives President Mugabe who has made each one of his people billionaires. All this while maintaining minimal foreign debt and a complexion that Garnier can’t match with any 87 year old!

Don’t take us too seriously, but we would appreciate your financial support at surprisingly modest hourly rates.