May News

Freescale Tower and Kinetis Boards Arrive

4th May, 2011: Rotors Pressed Wire News Agency, Inc.—
Still on the Zimbabwe theme? No, we just love the idea of handling that much money. Like the Zimbabwean currency, semiconductor prices have also had spectacular declines over the past three decades. We think it is time to revisit the I/O situation.

The Kinetis K60 board and Tower kit arrived. We also grabbed a K40 KwikStik but don’t think that was quite ready for prime time. Anyway, lots to learn and thousands of pages of manuals to read, but we will be evaluating a few toolchains. Once done, we’ll purchase decent tools.

Editor's note:   The newer K40 boards did have source code for the example that shipped with the Pounce Consulting designed boards. Must have been a few peace pipes smoked or arms twisted. What were they thinking?

50 billion dollar note

Worth more as a novelty.

We recall a friend framing a million Rand cheque to himself as a bit of motivation. Here Bob made all his people billionaires in under three decades.

His counterparts in the UK, Europe and other socialist inclined nations are trying desperately to emulate his formula for success — and remain as the peoples' choice in all elections.

Freescale K60 board photo

Freescale’s K60 Tower board.

A fairly interesting design, but a DIN 41612 connector and low cost bus would have been more useful. For instance, how do you probe a board as there are no extender cards? We swapped their stacking order, but anyway, their prices are good and the K60 is an impressive device.