November News

Caution Wet Paint

Caution Wet Paint at a Main South Road bus stop that must have dried during the last century. Well done, gentlemen! The brilliance must surely be in the colour selection, as not a single trace of grafitti in an area otherwise plagued by taggers.



I've always said administration is an occupation where the urgent preempts the important.

  Kelly Gotlieb, Professor Emeritus,
  Computer Science at Toronto University,
  Q&A, The Chief Computer, in
  Communications of the ACM, Apr 2011,
  Vol. 54, No 4, pg 120.

Software Development

Nothing major to report on, just cycling through the usual boards.


ARM 64-bit?

Much activity by the various marketing departments and sacrificial technology temples, but nothing managed to escape the swamps. We will wait for 2015 before committing to any vendor.

Tales from the Woods

Kickstarter project from Xped

Last month we mentioned an interesting project launched on Kickstarter. See DeB — The Ultimate User Experience for your Arduino Projects. The project easily reached its target and has been funded. For more info, see Xped home page.

Talk Fest

G20 summit: Koalas and 'shirtfronting', on BBC, 16th Nov, which reportedly cost A$500 million for Australia to host the summit. An extract from a Queenslander at the G20 sidelines sums it up neatly, “They come here, sit in our air-conditioned hotels, drink our chardonnay and talk bullshit”.

Well, the money has to come from somewhere, so foreign aid or any non-military spending will suffer. If anything profound comes from the talks, we'll be eager to report it in these pages.

Climate change was even mentioned — not to worry, manufacturing is shutting down so fast in certain parts of the planet that targets should be easy to meet in spite of all the hot air expelled at these talk shows.

BSD donation

Jan Koum, CEO and Co-Founder of WhatsApp, donated $1 million to the FreeBSD Foundation. See Updated! — FreeBSD Foundation Announces Generous Donation and Fundraising Milestone, 17th Nov, 2014. We stumbled upon it when following the Cavium link for support of their 48-core ARMv8 on FreeBSD. One of the nicest gestures of the year.

Intel to merge mobile and PC divisions

Intel Merges Mobile, PC Divisions, in EE Times, 18th Nov, 2014. The Mobile and Communications Group reported a $1 billion operating loss in the third quarter of 2014.

For another take, but at an investor meeting, Intel Expects 2015 Mobile Speedup, also EE Times, 21st Nov, 2014.

A little process control

Instead of abstract testing, we thought it would be nice to apply some of the evaluation boards and interfaces to real-world problems. To start, we chose beer and cheese. Kits and fermenters have been purchased, so more on this in December or next year.