December News


Christmas card

Merry Christmas

Yes, even to the politicians, bankers and bureaucrats! Have a break and rest your weary souls.


Enjoy the Festive Season

Arm the cash registers, get ready to take their money, open the doors....

Hand creme jars

Photoshop and Illustrator for labels, a bit of manual work for mixing hand cream, and a bit of creativity from my wife. All the best ingredients — could this develop into a small automated bottling/ label line?

The cooler weather in Brisbane was most welcome around Christmas. We have a few more days off and then start looking for new premises.

2015 almost done and dusted

Family and friends, and a few strawberries.

Strawberry pudding

2015 is almost done and dusted. How did it treat you? Hopefully it went well. Now we need to learn to write 2016 on cheques and letters, and another year older!

The weather and fires put a miserable closure to the year for folks along the Great Ocean Road. One of the nicest places along the route, Lorne, was one of the hardest hit. Not their best Christmas.


To document the data logger, we need to upgrade a few skills. The manual posting and maintenance of a website is a lot of work. We started generating some pages with a C framework, but what are the chances of being able to self-host in Australia with current telecoms pricing? Anyway, there are a lot of PHP frameworks with database backends, so we are doing some bedtime reading and have resurrected the MAMP Pro development environment on the Mac Server. They have really done an excellent job. We will probably be migrating to one of the BSD servers and virtual machines for testing in the new year — another diversion.

Nvidia Jetson TX1

There are a couple of ARM 64-bit development systems. Xilinx should have hardware available for sale early next year. Prices are not cheap for development systems, so it depends on the target application. Here is something that could catch on if the interface to the graphics is better documented than in the past. For us, digital signage and process visualisation is of interest, but when a very capable AMD 64-bit X86 processor with GPU in a box ships for the same price as a Nvidia Jetson, then we might wait a while.

Nvidia has released pricing and documentation for their embedded platform for machine vision. The Jetson TX1 development kit is US$599 for fairly impressive hardware. It has 256 CUDA cores, several 64-bit ARM cores (not sure if quad or octal in the kit), and decent graphics output (4K, OpenGL, etc). For more info, see INTRODUCING NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX1.