February News

Hell's gate

Hell's Gate, some 80 plus kilometers from Hay and 55km from Balranald. Not the best part of the trip.

Hell's gate close up

A closer shot for politicians and bankers wishing to take the quicker path to Hell (without having to perform all the required evil). Google Earth even has it as a tag along the Sturt Highway (A20).

“Many organizations that rely critically on computing have become dangerously low on technical skills”. (pg 42)

Bjarne Stroustrup, Viewpoint, What should we teach new software developers? Why? Communications of the ACM,
Jan 2010, Vol. 53, No. 1, pp 40—42.


We have begun relocating to Brisbane. At the end of February I drove a car up for my wife, we managed to find a rental property quickly, and I flew back the next day. My move from McLaren Vale is scheduled towards the end of May (happened at the end of August), however, we were busy with renovations during the various negotiations with clients and potential customers. These must be completed before the final move. We have completed most software projects and will not be taking on any new work until we settle in Brisbane.

Development Partners

We have made several trips to Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne. Most of our work and suppliers are on the east coast, prompting the move. We will continue to sub-contract on embedded software, which for 2015 still appears to be 32-bit ARM, as the flood of optimistic announcements of cheap 64-bit ARM development systems was more like a dust storm — much coughing, little visibility, and benefits nobody. We will commit to ARMv8 when it becomes readily available and once we get our hands on decent datasheets.

Tales from the Woods

EZchip announce 100-core ARM

See EZchip Introduces TILE-Mx100 World‘s Highest Core-Count ARM Processor Optimized for High-Performance Networking Applications dated 23rd Feb, 2015. The press release mentions one hundred 64-bit ARM processors on a single chip. Tilera, who have shipped MIPS-like tiles for several years was acquired last November for $130 million by EZchip. The device is scheduled to sample in the second half of 2016. Hopefully, their fab partner does not let them down as has been Altera's case with their quad-core 64-bit ARM based FPGAs.

Xilinx 64-bit announcement

Xilinx has described their 64-bit ARM device in Xilinx Stays a Generation Ahead at 16nm with New Memory, 3D-on-3D, and Multi-Processing SoC Technologies. The FPGAs contain quad A53— and dual Cortex-R5 processors. The schedule is for the end of this year. The press release was dated 23rd Feb, 2015. There is also a Mali graphics block.