May News

Caravan remains along Newell Highway

Caravan remains along the Mid Western Highway near Goolgowi. The Apple phone's camera GPS co-ordinates are incorrect so not exactly sure where this caravan graveyard is, but roughly midway between Hay and West Wyalong. Months earlier and later it was still there, even on our last trip at the end of August. It is a fairly straight stretch of road of almost 250km. We have two long cracks along the van windscreen from the passing trucks going over repaired roadworks at the speed limit. It sounded like a small shower of stones being thrown at the van, with the crack running as we proceeded along the trip.

Travel and Renovation

No software was written in May, just another trip to Brisbane with a load of furniture and equipment, plus plenty of renovation. It was the rewiring in roof with an electrician friend that got me thinking about some potential products. There are current ratings on plastic junction boxes without any internal parts, yet the cables carrying current do not get a current rating. So much for the electrician unions.

Pilliga Pottery

North of Coonabarabran, the Pilliga Pottery is worth a visit. Note that the dirt road off the main highway (which is not that flash either) is about 10km and not for the sports car traveller.

Pilliga Pottery display

Pilliga Pottery display. Through the door on the right, the manufacturing area is also very interesting. Visit their website at Barkala Farm or at Pilliga Pottery (which seem to be the same sites).

The Dish

On the trip up, the van is fully loaded. On the return trip, we are a little more adventurous and visit places mentioned in tourist brochures. “The Dish” was one of those places — A couple of minutes south of Parkes. The photo was taken from as close as you can get, which was a bit disappointing. With astronomy, downloads are in the data-centre sizes, so it would have been nice to see some of the infrastructure or feeds. Anyway, there was enough money to build a visitor centre and restuarant.

Parkes dish

Parkes Radio Telescope, “the dish”.

Tales from the Woods

Tales from the Vines

This page was created well after May, so any news of politicians stealing our money or the bankers filling their boots have been forgotten. Instead we look at the photographs taken (not of the renovation which is of little interest to embedded software programmers). The next couple are on the corner of California Rd and Tatachilla Rd, McLaren Vale, about two kilometers from the office. The vines belong to d'Arenberg. The photos were taken on 22nd May, shortly before being pruned.

d'Arenberg vineyards in autumn
d'Arenberg vineyards in autumn
d'Arenberg vineyards in autumn
d'Arenberg vineyards in autumn

Avago acquires Broadcom

We added this in September, as we were off the Internet for a couple of months earlier. The headline was Chip chef Avago gobbles up Broadcom for $37 BEEEELLLION, dated 28th May, 2015, at the Register.