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Some postings are pure fiction, others completely true. We tried to give an idea of what we're up to, but when there was little time or progress, we dreamt up some “Tales from the Woods” or questioned mysteries of the 21st century.

Since our relocation in September, 2015, the news section will document our progress with a “software logic analyzer”. It will be open-sourced under a BSD-style licence, with details to follow in the months ahead.

Bankers and politicians can carry on as normal, as we shift our attention to more interesting sites. Hopefully the previous posts were of interest, but trying to track 66 political leader changes in 13 years in Australia just got too hard. Back to the more predictable stuff like embedded.

Our source of business news was the We visit EE for the electronic engineering community website of the day, EE for articles like the Hypnocube (Hypnocube photo gallery), and major announcements or mergers in the semiconductor industry.

News letters from the semiconductor vendors and software developers show a shift in tools, particularly schematic capture and layout from the online component suppliers. We have taken another year of schematic capture and layout subscription. The documentation that will be supplied will be the design files as well as PDF output for folk without these tools.

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EEWeb German Electrical Engineering Forum

Visit Elektronik Forum — an electronics and electrical engineering community with electrical and electronics forums. Their collection of design articles and resources include RF design, analog design, embedded design, PCB design, and test and measurement.

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