Renovation Project

Please note, this is definitely under construction and a live site is being populated. Photos taken in “High Dynamic Range” had to be merged in Photoshop, then edited for 400 horizontal pixels, and posted. A brief description of each photo is added. The links and content will change, and many links will be broken as adding them in takes a while, so please bear with us. This project was for a depreciation audit, as well as documentation.

The Second Valley Software references will disappear, as this is not part of our focus. It was merely there to use the website currently hosted, and same infrastructure. This work is very different to software and electronics in case you stumble onto that site, however, it is easier to see progress on a renovation than with software, so be warned if you ever consider wading into the engineering swamp — it is full of crocodiles and pays poorly.


One of the main tasks was making a riser for the septic tank, so that the four year cycle of digging to expose the lids, emptying the tank, and refilling the hole could be broken.

Winters in Adelaide are not cold by European standards, but the houses are not designed to be leak-proof or double glazed. Summers have a week or more with 40°C to 44°C. According to a brochure for underfloor heating, Adelaide has more days below 20°C than above! So you need both heating and cooling for part of the year. There was a gas heater in a large combined room — the kitchen and rumpus room. It emptied a 45kg gas cylinder in no time, and the rest of the house was cold. A woodfire would be a good idea, so one project was to tile a small area for a wood fire base. That extended into removing an arch....

In the meantime, a puppy arrived, and as they do, it pulled threads out of the passage and bedroom carpets. These areas were to be tiled. Some tiles were loose in the rumpus room and kitchen room (only area originally tiled, besides bathrooms and laundry), so there was another project candidate.

And so it went on, until we had quite a large amount of work on our hands — weekends would disappear.

The grouping is by type of work — painting, tiling, plastering, gardening, then by rooms.