The original kitchen was functional, but almost twenty years old. The tiling had spread from the passage, into two bedrooms and then the rumpus room. It was now against the kitchen counter. Someone had a few ideas and then the requests came in.

I should point out to other husbands and partners that TV programs like the Block, or any other virtual reality shows distort time and budgets. They also have a terrible influence on those who watch — it is never going to take a week to do a kitchen from scratch unless it is a forklift “remove and replace” with off-the-shelf cabinetry.

During this time we would still need to eat, wash dishes and cook meals.

Original kitchen, counter top
Original kitchen, Stove and microwave

Original oven top

The original oven top. The tiles were not going to come off the gyprock easily, plus the stud finder was a bit confusing as to where the power cables were in the wall behind.

Tiles are now up to the last cupboard

The tiles are encroaching onto the cupboard that had the oven top and the last bit of storage. It would soon be gone.

Removed the old oven and cupboard

The oven was removed, and by this stage I suspect someone must have had second thoughts. From now on we would be using a hotplate in the rumpus room or the BBQ outside for cooking.