How do you know the amount of “head-room” on some deeply embedded target? First you need to instrument the target and measure your guess work. Here is a list of our unpublished work that we wrote during the search for the ideal testbed.

We have placed the content here in the hope that it would be useful. The original work was not written with the intention of posting to an audience of millions, and there was no editor. Everything was done on the back burner at zero budget. The present three documents used LaTeX to generate PDFs. The photographs in the original documents were high resolution, but instead of under ten megs per file, some were over 100 Mbytes. We would not like to download them over a capped line, so we have been reducing the resolution of the photographs. In some cases, the documents shrunk to a fifth of their original size. We moved to a 200 GByte monthly contract, but there are dragons that also feed off there. The hosting is done where we have unlimited bandwidth and a generous amount of storage.


There are about thirty directories in our LaTeX collection. They will be put into the queue...