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Second Valley Jetty about two hours south of Adelaide. Inspiration for the logo and company name. We never managed to relocate to Second Valley, but did start out in McLaren Vale, about an hour north.

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The 68000 has been placed in the 32-bit section as it had 32-bit registers. The 32-bit ARM devices are in a section of their own. Both the 32-bit and 64-bit MIPS designs are in a section of their own.

64-bit Machines

We never designed these 64-bit systems, we merely started using 64-bit devices before the PC market finally adopted 64-bit AMD and Intel devices. Although we had several 64-bit PC systems over the years, they are not of interest or deserving their own pages. There are several 64-bit designs in the MIPS section.

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The next two sections may possibly move to their own sites later. Our interest shifted from electronics to product development with some embedded electronics.

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