Acronym Processing

Acronym processing scans a text file (or series of files) for acronyms, and expands these when first defined. The diagram in Figure 1 shows the token handling.

There are several LaTeX files and we were busy porting the code from C to Ojective-C on Mac OS X. This is back-burner stuff but must be finished before we can move off LaTeX. The acronyms will be put into a MySQL database using a C API and custom code.

When this page was first posted (August 2011), we were busy with Objective-C, but since resorted to vanilla C for portability, as we find it easier to use simple C string functions for ASCII text compared to the NSString class functions in Objective-C. The page was left in as the XML parsing and web framework use similar diagrams for state-machines or documentation.

Alarm State Diagram

Figure 1: Acronym token handling.