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How do “Code metrics” measure up? Ask Alfred.

Learning Objective-C and the Cocoa frameworks were a huge investment. They are also the only way to program the iPad. The development tools at US$99 per annum have been impressive. The Mac OS X based platform (fully loaded with development software on a US$999 Mac Mini server) is slightly more than a vanilla Windows PC without development software. Customers will find the low-cost capability difficult to ignore while trying to integrate the iPad into their infrastructure.

Apple have done an excellent job of their debuggers, testing frameworks and bundling multiple compilers in the “X Code” application. After years on Linux and almost ten years on Apple hardware, the debugger on Mac OS X is worth paying for. Objective-C takes some getting used to and the Cocoa framework documentation runs into thousands of pages. Future programs will probably be offered on the iTunes website, or we will post code on this site. To be decide later....

After a few years of living with an iPad, it is useful for checking emails in bed, watching a non-Flash video on YouTube, plus saving your songs and some photos onto. The hype about taking over from a laptop may apply to people playing games, but to have something portable that can compile a small program, typeset a LaTeX document or input design ideas, rather go for a MacBook Air. The price difference is not that much and you don't need to bother with program delivery or restrictions—just a personal opinion.... At the end of 2014, the 64-bit iPad is very different to the first generation, however, without external storage (SD card) it is still locked into the iTunes delivery system, which does not help for pairing with small embedded systems for a HMI.

Around September, 2014, Apple introduced a new language, Swift. It looks good from early documentation, however, we have not had a chance to actually write anything using it yet. It looks like a nice detour around Objective-C if you want to use the Cocoa frameworks.